Treat me like a princess, fuck me like a porn star

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It’s such a shame when you repeatedly invest yourself in a person who does nothing but hurt you and let you down again and again but then completely reject people who’d do anything for you and genuinely care about you.

We’ve all done it and it’s fucked up.

updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend



Life’s been bitter, so it’s time for some sweet!
Hello Kitty always cheers me up, and since I’m cleaning out some things, I thought that maybe I could sweeten the day of one of you! So without further adieu, I give you my first giveaway:

BitterSweetAAS’s “Sweet Sanrio” Giveaway!

This giveaway is composed of:

  • 1 small desk caddy, perfect for post-its or some of the following items
  • 1 iPhone 4S hard plastic, two piece case
  • 8 small envelopes with decorative stickers
  • 1 notebook with 60 cute, lined pages to be filled
  • Temporary tattoos (the large sheet is Easter themed, hence the eggs)
  • 1 rainbow colored pencil wrapped in Hello Kitty crafting tape
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • 1 keychain
  • 1 set of nail stickers, includes french tips and embellishments
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 decorative box

Details about this giveaway:

  1. These items are either brand new, or very gently used. About half of them will come in their original packaging.
  2. I can only ship to places within the US, my apologies.
  3. You do not have to be following me to participate, though I would appreciate it. I don’t want to deal with people unfollowing after the giveaway; that’s just rude.
  4. You can reblog as much as you want, but for the love of your followers, don’t be annoying about it.
  5. Likes count.
  6. I’m not even going to say the thing about giveaway blogs, y’all should already know that by now.
  7. I will be using a random number generator to pick the singular winner.
  8. The giveaway will be over on the first of August. If it hasn’t hit at least 300 notes by then (I’m a small blog) then I will continue for one more month.
  9. The winner will have 36 hours to reply ask that I send them announcing that they are the winner. After that, they become disqualified and another name will be drawn.
  10. I am in no way connected to or sponsored by Sanrio company, I just really like Hello Kitty

Good luck to you all! I really appreciate all your support and please, if you have any questions, just ask. I will only post it to my blog if 1) It is anonymous 2) It brings up a good point that I think should be shared 3) You put “Sweet Sanrio Giveaway” after your question and commentary. I do this to ensure you get a reply and not have to go searching for it. Thanks again and sorry for taking up your dash space!

Hello Kitty not your thing? Go check out my vinyl record blog, Bitter-Sweet-Sound, for another giveaway happening right now!

Ending in like 5 days!! Thought I’d reblog for all my lovely followers in the US that like hello kitty :)


you can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with.


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did that fucker just jump on water is this fucking cat jesus


1. I don’t like folding laundry or talking about my emotions. I’m likely to leave both scattered all over.
2. I’m not much for cooking but there will always be coffee.
3. I’ll wear anything of yours with sleeves. I love when they’re long enough to wrap around my hands.
4. Sometimes the world is too harsh, too big. It’s hard to leave the house on days like those.
5. When I was sick as a kid my mom would run a bath for me and wash my hair. It was always so soothing. Maybe you could do that every once in a while.
6. I find it difficult to finish most things. My room is home to countless journals of incomplete thoughts.
7. I won’t love you any less in December. I think my heart just wasn’t meant for the cold.
8. I never truly know why I’m crying so don’t bother to ask, simply be there.
9. There’s whiskey in the medicine cabinet.
10. If things get terribly bad, please don’t give up. Get me in the car and drive to the sea. The waves beneath my toes will wake me up and I’ll be yours again.
Things to know before promising you’ll stay (via fraggybird)


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